Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Haven't had a rant in a while.
So I shall do that now.
Lifes going... Okay? I think. Got a lot on my mind tbh. Can't exactly mention any of that on this though. I'd get jarred for putting it all on here. I just can't be bothered with a lot of things. Or a lot of people.
Not really done too much recently. Kyrena and Annie were here on Friday. Annie stayed over. Went out on Saturday night, was a decent night tbh. Sunday, I was ill. Yesterday, i met Sonia then went out in Carries car with Carrie (obviously), Mairi, Lisa and someone called Amy. Had a pretty good time tbh. Miss my best friend. She's really ill right now so I've barely seen her. :/ Getting pierced on Friday. Getting my tongue and nose done. Delighted. Can't wait to have my tongue done again! Interested to see how the nose turns out... Better suit it.
Currently lying in my bed, watching Desperate Housewives, contemplating going outside to tell whatever junkie is in the corridor to shut up! My head is thumping.
In dire need of a hug tbh. It would make me happy.
Ow, ow, ow. Think I'm just gonna crawl under my duvet and die. -.-
Oh well. Pretty sure I shall be back to rant. Probably about how ill I feel. (':

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